What do you call a trip thats longer than a holiday and feels like home?

I’m writing this blog not long after my return from Rome, and fair to say if I had the option I would be back there now if it wasn’t for all the home people (and animals) that I couldn’t be without, and a money tree of course!

The trip means so much to me that I actually have very little to say to people when they say “how was your trip?”, so I thought maybe a blog would help me say it a little better and for those who were just being polite, can just switch off whenever they feel like! 


A pleasant stroll one of Rome’s seven Hills, the Janiculum Hill with beautiful views over Rome

Well first off, simply travelling alone for three weeks was a massive achievement for me, I never used to go anywhere by myself, eat out by myself, ask directions … but now, I feel I am ready to do anything by myself.  I even feel as if I have made myself a second home that I will continue to return for a long time (,more so than I thought I would before this trip), that’s because having three weeks to take your time in Rome is golden.  This was my fourth visit and of course I still had touristy bits to do but they were either sides of strolls around the parks, sipping coffee with the locals (,yes, I have even taken a bit of a liking to coffee) and visiting pretty little neighbourhoods that never fit in with the tourist itinerary, I even managed my first instameet!  Had this been my first visit however, three weeks could have well been filled with the must see sites, even now there are still places on my ‘to see list’.


My first InstaMeet looking at Street Art in San Lorenzo

I have always said Rome is my home away from home, but before I meant it mostly in the way of the history, which after having gained a BA and an MA in Ancient History/Roman History its fair to say it was right up my alley.  Now I mean it in a completely different way however, its the people, its the city, its the annoying tourist traps and acts, the way in which a drop of rain miraculously places bags of umbrellas into the hands of street sellers, gelato, tea in plastic cups and specifying you want it hot, architecture, side streets with the best restaurant you think you will find until you get to the next one, it’s Rome, it’s home! I am thinking that that is about the best way I can put it! My advice would be just to find out for yourself!


The Eagle, the Wolf, SPQR and a ruin and a scooter = everyday Rome

This trip gave me a massive boost of confidence, I knew before I went that I would regret not going and I know I wouldn’t have known but you know what I mean, now I just regret not going for longer to visit the other cities too, but I will, someday, if this trip has taught my anything, with a few friends along the way (Alix Porritt deserves a special mention here), it’s that nothing will stop me from doing what I love even when the circumstances change.

Sorry this was supposed to be a bit of a summary of my trip but I think that will be best in another, I promise I won’t warble on next time!

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